Skid Row Team Up With Corey Taylor And Halestorm For New Album

Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan says that work is continuing on what will be a new studio album. The band have released two United World Rebellion EPs, and Bolan confirmed the third and final installment will now be released as a full-length record. According to Bolan, it will feature some famous collaborations. Bolan said, “We’ve got a lot of really cool songs. It’s the first time in our career we’ve written with people that weren’t just outside guys. We worked with friends like like Corey Taylor and wrote a really cool song – and the cool part is he’s a Skid Row fan, and we’re Stone Sour and Slipknot fans. And then Lzzy and Joe from Halestorm came up with some cool stuff after all the laughter was done.” There’s no word yet on when the as-yet-untitled album will launch.  It will feature frontman ZP Theart who was confirmed as a full-time Skid Row member last year following the 2015 departure of Tony Harnell.

SKID ROW’s Next Album To Feature Collaborations With COREY TAYLOR, HALESTORM Members


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