Together We Are Feeding America

Together let’s give 25 million meals to Feeding America®!

1. What is Feeding America?
Feeding America is the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States. Through a network of 200
food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, they provide meals to more than 40 million
people each year. They also support programs that prevent food waste and improve food security,
educate the public about the problem of hunger, and advocate for legislation that protects people from
going hungry.
2. What is the program with Circle K?
With the difficult downturn in the economy during the pandemic, more Americans are turning to food
banks for nourishing food and other essentials, Circle K is committed to doing its part and lending a hand.
Our company has pledged to donate 25 million meals to Feeding America® in the wake of the COVID-
19 pandemic. For every fuel transaction made at a Circle K, one meal will be donated to a local member
food bank of the Feeding America network. In total, the network includes 200 food banks and 60,000 food
pantries and meal programs. We will run the program for as long as it takes to achieve 25 million meals.
3. Does this initiative operate with all our fuel brands at our locations?
Yes, for each purchase of any of our fuel brands, one meal will be donated to a local food bank. We have
pledged to donate 25 million meals through this campaign.
4. Does it matter how much fuel is purchased?
No, for any fill-up regardless of the monetary value, we will donate 1 meal to a local food bank, up to a
maximum donation of 25 million meals.
5. Can a customer come back again tomorrow to donate another meal?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of meals that can be donated per customer, up to the goal of 25
million meals. For every fuel transaction, we commit to donate 1 meal to a local food bank in the Feeding
America network.
6. Which food bank will my fill-up donation go to?
Each time your customers purchase fuel, one meal will be donated directly to your local food bank or food
relief provider in your neighborhood. Find the nearest food bank to your store on

7. What kind of meal is provided to local families?
Feeding people facing hunger is about more than simply providing food. It’s about providing wellness,
nourishment, and strength. Through our partnership with Feeding America, we are helping to provide the
most nutritious food possible for health and well-being.
8. Are there any other ways that I can donate to Feeding America?
At this point, our campaign is focused on the fuel fill-up initiative.  You can make a direct donation at or you can visit the Feeding America website
( to find other ways to donate and spread the word on our campaign to help us
quickly reach 25 million meals.

9. What should I say to my customers at the cash register?
 Thanks for supporting our partnership with Feeding America.
 For every fill-up, we’re donating 1 meal to our local food bank.
 We’re aiming to give 25 million meals to local families through Feeding America.