Brand Safety & Radio

As social media is battling trust and PR challenges, many advertisers are conducting reviews of their ad platforms and the content in which their brands are associated.  This review is resulting in advertisers placing a pause on their social media campaigns.


In the Fall of 2019, EMarketer reported that research by GumGum and Digiday showed that more than two-thirds of U.S. marketers have been exposed to brand safety issues at least once and suffered from a brand safety threat more than once in the past year.  Brand safety encompasses a broad range of issues, including brand messaging and ads running in conjunction with fake news, disaster tragedy, copyright infringement, divisive politics, and hate speech.


The greatest challenge is that social media, along with its popular programmatic buying, remains unregulated and void of the strong standards and regulations that apply to traditional media. TV, Radio, and Print operate within industry-wide government-enforced standards. While regulations have their drawbacks, standards help maintain transparency and integrity for brands and mediums alike.


L.M. Communications wants to shine a light on the brand-safe environment that Radio (both over the air and online) consistently provides.