Slipknot’s Corey Taylor To Release New Music From Upcoming Solo Album

Corey Taylor is releasing a sample of new music from his upcoming solo album. The announcement was made on Corey’s Twitter over the weekend with a message that simply read: “Are You Ready? New Music July 29 #CMFT” accompanied by the letters CMFT in lights.

Taylor previously explained that his upcoming solo record will explore a variety of genres and takes influence from such wide-ranging artists as Alice In Chains, Slade and Johnny Cash. “The way I’ve been looking at it is it’s like a futuristic throwback,” he said. “Everything on this album is a hybrid of all these different genres that I’m really into. It’s a modern take on vibes that people have heard before, and yet I’ve taken them and kind of thrown them through this crazy filter to see what we get. Everybody who hears it is just blown away, so I’m really, really stoked.”

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor to join forces with Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie on solo single


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