Chili Walker

HOMETOWN: Well, town I was born in….Cortland, NY

HOBBIES: Love playing poker, movies, music, a topless keep and a good cigar!

FAVORITE BANDS: Kiss, Black Sabbath, Elvis Costello, Caroline’s Spin, The Pretty Reckless (the list goes on!)

BANDS/ARTISTS I’VE MET: I’ve met a lot…but, Elvis Costello was one of the few that had me speechless.


COCKTAIL: Southern Comfort, or Jack (Single Barrel)

VACATION SPOT: Flint, Michigan

BOOKS: I wait for the movie to come out!

MOVIES: I love stupid movies like….Strange Brew, Revenge of the Nerds, Super Troopers, and Kevin Smith movies.

TV SHOWS: Survivor, Mayans, Below Deck, Live PD

FAMILY: I’ve got two cats if that counts

BRUSH WITH GREATNESS THAT DIDN’T GO WELL: I scared Debbie Gibson off an escalator…(well her people grabbed her and took her another way). I was a bit drunk (okay, more than a bit) and yelled DEBBIE!! from the bottom…as I rode up…she was gone by the time I got to the top!